Burgers in Melbourne – Ribs & Burgers

A lot is said of Melbourne food, and the variety city has to offer in terms of different cuisines.

Being new to Melbourne, the cuisine discovery journey is indeed an exciting one. So a good burger pick I have found is Ribs & Burgers in Hawthorn. Here is my review of the place:

  1. Taste – I would rate the Ribs and Burgers separately, because I rate their Burgers more than the ribs, not because there is anything wrong with ribs, just that I am more inclined to the burgers

Ribs – 7/10

Burgers – 8/10

2. ambience The place has a really nice vibe to it, the lights and the table layout all     makes it a nice happening place to dine.

3. Location – Located in Hawthorn the place is right in the centre on Glenferrie Road, so easily accessible and hard to miss.

4. Meat – And as I am a Halal meat-eater, the place caters to that need! so an extra start for that 🙂

And now I will stop and let the picture do the justice!


Ribs Combo at Burgers & Ribs


Sliders with Ribs Combo


And the yummy Pocket Burger

Day Trip: The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne has a lot to offer for nature lovers, and for people looking for some nice drives, walks or runs.

Great Ocean Road is one such drive, just 1.5 hrs away the road is 243km stretch passing multiple towns and finishing at the 12 Apostles.

I gad heard about it even before landing down under, so of course it was a Must-Do thing. Though M had already been there,but when the wife-y ask, you gotta do again 🙂 heh.

So we ventured on it one saturday for a day trip, the intention was not to stay so 12 apostles were pretty impossible ( would take 5hrs to reach that). So here is how to do a day trip to The Ocean Road:

  1. Select the place to which you want to go to. We went till Lorne.
  2. There are a lot of iconic places on the road and picnic spot you want to explore, we stopped at Anglesea for some coffee.
  3. then there is the Aireys Inlet with a lighthouse and a splendid view of the coast.
airey inlet

Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet – The Great Ocean Road 

4. Bear in mind that while driving ocean road on one side will be the ocean and the other will side will be the Otway National Park, so you will find gazillion scenic spots where you would like to stop and absorb the beauty nature has to offer.

great ocean rd

Views on Great Ocean Road

5. If you have kids, there are a lot of activity areas on the road for you to stop over.

6. The hidden gem at Great Ocean Road are the bush-walks in the Otway National Park. And there are plentiful, depending on what level you want to do it. We found the Cora Lynn Cascades, just below the Erskine falls, and let me tell you this, it was the best walk I have done in Aus so far. So spiritual, and not spoiled but too many human population. 4km return takes around 1 hour max depending on your speed.

The walk is easy to medium, starts at Blanket Leaf Picnic Area and finishes at the Cascades. You can just sit and spend hours on the rocks at the cascades and let the nature take over you.

cascade falls

Cora Lynn Cascades – The Great Ocean Road

7. After absorbing this, if you are adventurous head to Erskine falls or just drive back to Lorne and enjoy the fish & chips at one of the shops.

And then drive back to home after a good and well-spent day…and let me know how your day went!

Bushwalking: Lysterfield Park

M & I are both avid walkers, and we usually spend our weekends finding and making a trip to a new location in Melbourne to some walks.

We are average fitness peeps, so we try to explore easy, medium and hard all sorts of walks. Here, I’ll give you an overview of the Lysterfield Park walk that we did two weeks ago, and to say the least, it was amazing.

I’ll be brief, but if you have any questions with regard to it, please feel free to comment/message me and I will respond 🙂

Lysterfield Park

Located just in the outer south-east of Melbourne, the park is a gem! It offers sailing, horse riding, walking and biking trails, and beautiful picnic grounds along with a cafe. So everyone can have fun in whichever activity they enjoy.

lysterfield park

Lysterfield Park Lake & Picnic area

For walking, there are multiple trails that range from easy to medium and difficult. Some tracks are shared with the bikers, but the tracks are so wide that it is not a problem.

For an easy walk you can do 8km Lake Circuit trail which starts from the Dam Wall and takes you around the lake. However, M & I did an extended lake circuit, which took us to the difficult track of going further up Lake track to go on Powell’s track following Boys Farm Track joining into Lambert Track and merging into the Logan Park track.

So if you are up for adventure like us, you can do that same, because what we saw and met on our way was amazing…:)


Kangroos & Wallabies on the grazing land

Apart from kangaroos we also found some nice vegetation…like mushrooms:


Mushrooms on our way

And then some kangaroos ready to hop…


kangaroos in Lysterfield Park

It was a great day to spent at the park and I would love to go again soon. You don’t recognise how close this amazing place is to the hustle bustle of Melbourne, right after the housing ends and the Apple Orchards start there is this gem.

It’s a quite, peaceful and spiritual place too.