Honeymoon Travels: New Zealand

So in my post Honeymoon Travel Advise, I mentioned how we came to pin New Zealand as our destination, and Queenstown to be specific (because that is like the Tourist/travel heaven in the Southern Islands).

Here is the itinerary and tips for anyone of you planning a trip to NZ/Queenstown.

Days of Stay: 6 days (Landed Sunday morning, left following Saturday afternoon)

Place to Stay: Queenstown offers gazillion accommodation options and caters to all budgetary requirements. From High-end 5-start hotels, to low-budget youth hostels, everyone will get something, which is the best about any place you want to travel.

Considering we were on our ‘Honeymoon’, M wanted a good place to stay, so we opted for St.Moritz, it’s a luxury boutique hotel, just 5 min walk from the Queenstown centre, and with amazing views of the beautiful city .

My detail review of the Hotel will be in another post (so watch for it).

Key Things to Do

  • Depending on how you are travelling, I would suggest renting a car nevertheless, whether you are a couple or travelling with a family or friends. Queenstown offers a lot of car rental options (we opted for GoRentals, which had good deals, we got the carrented for 4 days). If you are append the apprehensive of renting, then there are quite of a few guided trips and buses that run for trips from Queenstown
  • If you want to drive to other scenic places and towns then plan your itinerary well, because day trips on average take a 2-3 hours journey from Queenstown.

6 Day Itinerary:

Day 1 – Day of arrival (Queenstown airport is beautiful).Hotel check-in and a bit of rest, and then going around the town centre to see the beauty of Queenstown

Day 2 – Skyline Gondola! definitely a must and if you are adventurous then also the Luge. The scenery going up and down is breathtaking, so is the view from up there. Once you are back down, and had a good lunch/snack, you can also go for one of the many walking trails that the city has to offer, and they are absolute beauty. We took the walking to Sunshine walking trail, which is very easy flat path with small gradients (i did it without proper walking gear)

gondola view

View of Queenstown from Gondola






sunshine walk trail

Views that you get on Sunshine Walk


Day 3 – We got the car and made a day trip to Arrowtown ( a cute little town with a lot of history, and gold panning). You can have lunch there at one of the many cute cafes around. We then drove ahead to Wanaka. And my-my, the drive to Wanaka is mind-blowing. Though, be sure you are an expert driver who can manage a very steep and narrow road with sharp turns. It was pretty much one of the best drives.And once in Wanaka, enjoy the beautiful town, with an amazing coastline.

Day 4– This was our trip to Milford Sound. You-just-can’t-miss-it! not only was this a beautiful drive, with roads taking you inside the mountain. You can also make stopover on the way, especially at the Mirror Lake. And once at Milford Sound, the cruise is just something you have to do! The place leaves a mark with you for eternity, and words are failing me to describe it. (Picture of Milford Sound and Mirror Lake below)


Day 5– M wanted to drive to a nearby city, which happens to be Dunedin, and the nearby was 5 hours long drive! The city is good, you can then venture onto the Otago peninsula, and do some penguin watching, or just admire the town. But if you want to skip, you can surely.

Day 6 -We spent the day again within Queenstown (couldn’t get enough of the it) and did a walking trail by the garden. Peaceful and spiritual. It had its magnificence.

I hope you can pick and choose what you like if you are planning a trip Down Under!



Honeymoon Travels: Choosing the Destination

I originally thought honeymoons were over-rated, that was until I got engaged to M and recognised he was quite keen on it. hah. Actually, when the guy is keen on taking you somewhere or going with you, it just makes the idea awesome automatically. heh.

So getting back to the ‘honeymoon travel advise’, as I have recently (read: in 3 months) experienced the honeymoon planning and travel, I have learnt few lessons which, I am sure, the would-be honeymooners will find handy.

  1. Budget After a crazy Asian wedding which has more than 500 people attending and the celebrations going on for weeks, I am sure the wallets are feeling the dent. So while organising your wedding,keep in mind if you want to go for a honeymoon or not, and if you do, keep the amount you can afford for that separate
  2. Communicate Discuss with your fiancé or fiancée everything, unless well you want to surprise her and take her to a place you are sure she hasn’t been. But if you are low on budget, or you both decide to share the expenses, or you are not sure which place to go. DISCUSS.
  3. Requirements: Chalk out your requirements, key that we had were:
  • Closer to our eventual destination (i.e. Australia)
  • Good weather in Jan-Feb (Europe got auto-elimination for being an ice-cube)
  • A place new to both of us (Most of Asia got eliminated too, as M had been to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore)

This will help you narrow the places down, otherwise, who doesn’t want to conquer the world..;)

Our pre-reqs helped us com down to 3 places:

  • Mauritius (my choice)
  • New Zealand (M’s choice)
  • Maldives (everyone’s recommendation)

And based on above three pre-reqs, NZ was the most feasible answer, and my my, were we bang on or were we bang on!

The process of opting for New Zealand was time consuming, but we started our planning in October-November, which gave us ample time to sort everything. And once we finalised New Zealand, our next was to fine tune the New Zealand details.

I have shared the Honeymoon to New Zealand in a separate post here!


Ciao till then….