Hi & welcome to my blog. Something about me, so once upon a time (read: 3 months ago) I was a Financial Analyst, sitting in my cool office doing some amazingly boring number crunching in the glamorous city of Londres. And suddenly M (my better/other/at times bitter)half came along and whisked me ‘Down Under’. hah. So since beginning of 2016, I have been cooking, cleaning (not much) and sleeping, oh and eating 🙂

And when I am not doing any of the above, I am doing some amazing things too. So when something really does turn out ‘fantastico’, i decide to share the love with other girls, because i think, we the doers are the Power Girls!

Come lets show how the Power Girls roll, wherever you go, whatever you touch, whatever you do, if you spread happiness and feel superb, you my lady are a Power Girl!